July 2001


Date of Birth: 9 January 1951
D 53804 Much


Diploma in Social Sciences,
University of Düsseldorf, 1974


Media Management and Consulting
High-technology Press Officer
Popular Scientific Articles
Television Media Development and Production
Internet Media Development and Production
CD-ROM Media Development and Production
Radio Media Development
Online Journalism
Technical Training
Seminar Leading
European Commission
Technology Transfer


Advanced Systems Inc.(USA/Germany) 1974-1985
Author, Director and Producer

Independent Producer 1985-1990 Television and Industry:
ARD, WDR, RTL, BR etc.

Parsytec Computer GmbH 1990-1993
Press Officer

Independent Producer and Consultant 1993-present


Manfred J. Heinze’s career in the IT press and media business extends over 25 years.

During this period he has gained substantial experience in managing, producing and disseminating technical content relating to the application of new technology for competitive advantage, specifically with respect to diverse target groups. He is actively involved in EU-funded projects and their promotion both to the public and to technical experts.

He has a proven capability for successfully transferring complex scientific and technological matters to diverse audiences using a range of different media. He has extensive experience in coordinating and managing large and complex collaborative production projects. He is a trained media communicator both on camera and to live public audiences.

He speaks and writes German and English.


1985 -present Independent Producer and Consultant

Clients include:

- The European Commission: (See detailed summary at the end of this CV)

Project promotion in the press, production of videos, CD-ROMs and Web sites, consulting for project partners

- The German Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

Consulting, promotion and editor-in-chief for the BMWi’s promotional campaigns "Sicherheit im Internet" (security on the Internet) and "Partnerschaft Sichere Internetwirtschaft" (partnership for Secure Internet Business)

- The German Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi)

Development and production of the presentation videos for the official "German Internet Prize 2001" for CeBIT 2001, co-development and production of the event programme

- VOBIS Computer AG

Developer and editor of the company’s Europe-wide, multi-lingual employees’ magazine "VOBISscreen". Developer and author of advertisement radio spots involving audience participation.

- ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

Production of a 60 minute TV feature about the theme park "Phantasialand" broadcast in 1988

- ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands

Co-development and production of a series of 48 3-D short animation films


Production of three films on the theme of computers for young people

- WDR Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Co-production of a series about viruses in biological and technical systems

- BLB Bayerische Landesbank

Author and producer of a popular guide and CD-ROM about email encryption for clients of the bank (in progress)

- DDA International

Development and production of a 60 minute video about Dyslexia for the US institute, including development and production of 3-D animation sequences.

- Author of several hundred articles in public IT press for various publishers, including FAZ,IDG, Handelsblatt, VDI-Nachrichten, Stern, Spiegel, Bild, c’t, Screen Multimedia

- Video and CD-ROM development and production for various industrial SMEs in the technical sector, including Fiessler, Naue, Boge, Alternate

- Author of political speeches for a German Secretary of State and contributing author to written responses to inquiries to the German Minister of Economics, Dr. Werner Müller

Dec 1990-March 1993 Parsytec Computer GmbH, Aachen

Press Officer

A major achievement was the successful international press campaign for the launch of the Parsytec GC supercomputer system.

He was responsible for international and national press relations of the company and for the organisation and realisation of press conferences and press meetings. Achievements included the positive press and media coverage contributing widely to the exceptionally positive public and political response to the company’s developments.

August 1974-October 1985 Advanced Systems Inc. Düsseldorf/Chicago


Duties included the research into and writing of multimedia scripts for IT training media and books. He was also involved in transferring external experts’ drafts into media appropriate storyboards and scripts and for the translation and synchronisation of US-English scripts into German.

Producing Director

Duties included responsibility for all media productions of the company as the leading director for the company’s German TV production studios. Duties included selection and direction of actors and technical staff, as well as artistic and post-production realisation of several hundered industrial video productions. He also contributed to several TV productions in the company’s US studios in Chicago in both English and German simultaneously.

Anchor man and on-set Editor

He also presented several video tutorials on camera, and represented the company in their monthly video magazine.


Several hundred articles in public IT press.

For a brief excerpt see Gerhards, interaktives multimedia Austria: Literaturdokumentation zu Interaktivität, Multimedia, I&D, University of Vienna


European Commission Experience

Manfred J. Heinze July 2001


End-User Participation and Media Production for the HPCin4D project (IST No 28535)

1998-2000: project co-ordination and end-user assessment for the HPCN project HPCin4D. Co-development of a commercial distributed parallel 3D renderer. Production of 3 project videos and promotion material. Project presentation at the IST 1998 in Vienna.

Press Distribution for the HPCN TTN project

1999-2000: writing of articles and press releases for the Europe-wide press campaign, involving all 600 projects. Dissemination and press contacts in Germany and Europe-wide. Consulting and assistance for the concluding press conference at GMD.

Media Production and Press Consulting for the EUROPORT project

1998-99: production of one 30 minute video, one multimedia CD-ROM and the official project poster on behalf of the City of Cologne. The work included pre-production, development, management, shooting in 5 European countries and post-production (edit, audio, effects).. Presentation at the EU and G8 summit 1999 in Cologne.

Media Production for the EUROPORT D ESPRIT project (DG3)

1996-97: production of one 20 minute video and one streaming video web site for the EUROPORT project on behalf of GMD. The work included pre-production, development, management, 20,000 km of production travel to 21 projects and post-production.

Media Production for the GPMIMD2 ESPRIT project

1996: production of one 45 minute video and one project brochure on behalf of CERN. The work included pre-production, development, management, shooting at CERN and post-production. Presentation at IST 1996 in Brussels.

Media Production and Press Consulting for the EUROPORT 1 and 2 ESPRIT projects (DG3)

1995: production of two videos (60 and 15 minutes), one multimedia CD–ROM and one web site for the EUROPORT projects on behalf of GMD/Smith. The work included pre-production, development, management, 30,000 km travel shooting throughout 11 European countries, post-production (cut, audio, effects). Consulting and Assistance in the concluding EUROPORT Press Conference for the project leader, GMD.