Manfred J. Heinze - Curriculum Vitae

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Manfred J. Heinze has a degree in Social Science and has worked in the press and
media business since 1975. He has started his career as a writer, director and
producer in the US based media production and consulting company Advanced
Systems Inc. between 1975 and 1986, working in Düsseldorf and Chicago. During this
period, he has gained substantial experience in the transfer of complex technology to
a wide range of audiences, including technological experts, general public and political
target groups.

In 1987, he founded his own press and media agency in Cologne, Germany, working
for TV broadcasters and major computer magazines in Germany. Between 1990 and
1994, Parsytec, an innovative supercomputing manufacturer, engaged him as their
press officer. During this period, he has made major contributions to the widely
acknowledged positive public image of the company, and has been responsible for
press campaigns and conferences that helped built up the reputation of the company
in Germany and Europe.

From 1994 until today he works as a journalist, consultant and media producer for
governmental and private organisations. Manfred was engaged in several EC
technology transfer projects, gaining substantial experience in the promotion of such
projects to public and experts. He is also an editor and consultant for the German
Ministry of Economics and Technology.

Recent, relevant activities include:

  • Author and producer of the 2001 German Ministry of Ministry of Economics and Technology "Internet Price" media publications, including video and press
  • Author, consultant and chief editor for the German Ministry of Economics and Technology's Internet information and promotion campaign "Security on the Internet" in 2000 and 2001.
  • Author and producer of the 1995 and 1996 European Commission EUROPORT and EUROPORT D media publications, including press work, video, CD-ROMs and web sites
  • Author and producer of the 1996 European Commission GPMIMD2 media publications, including video and press work.
  • Co-Author and editor of the 1998 European Commission LTR press and information campaign
  • Author and producer of the 1999 European Commission EUROSCOPE media publications, including video, CD-ROMs and press articles
  • Co-Author and editor of the 2000 European Commission HPCN TTN press campaigns in Europe and Germany
  • Author of several hundred articles in public press and magazines, specifically in the computing and technology field.

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